B. has been hosting Children’s Creative Writing workshops since 2016. Below are a selection of the workshops you can hire B. to run at your function or event. All workshops can be tailored to any age group, and time frame (minimum one hour) to suit your function’s needs.


Build A Beastie
In this hour long workshop kids get to let their creativity run rampant and create their own monster. B. will teach kids the basics of creating a monster from scratch and how to write a short story featuring their creation.

Fracturing Fairy Tales
In this hour long workshops kids get to change a well known Fairy Tale so it becomes something new. Maybe Cinderella decides it’s too much effort? Maybe Snow White is allergic to apples? Kids will get to pick a key element of a Fairy Tale to change and explore how that changes the story.

Super Hero Creation Station
In this hour long workshop kids will learn the six basic elements that make a Super Hero (or Villain) and use this knowledge to create their own Hero or Villain. Kids will then get to write a short story featuring the heroics (or schemes) of their character.

To Set Forth On A Journey
In this hour long workshop kids will learn how to write and adventure story modeled off the archetype of The Hero’s Journey. Kids will learn how this archetype has shaped our cultural story telling and write their own short story using traditional techniques and elements.

Creating Characters
In this hour long workshop kids will learn how to create a well rounded character to write a story about. Kids will learn about characterisation, motives, foibles and fears and how these shape characters actions and in turn create interesting stories. Kids will also write a short story using the character they create and explore how the elements of character limit and focus the character.

Fantastical Fairy Tales
In this hour long workshop kids will get to create their own fairy tale. Kids will learn the elements that make up a Fairy Tale and use these elements to weave their own tale of the fantastical.

Mythical Creatures
In this hour long workshops kids will get to pick their favourite mythical creature and write a short story for it. Kids will learn the key elements of story telling and narrative structure. Note: Participants will be expected to have a prior understanding of the creature they want to write about, it’s magical properties and an idea of any relevant lore (i.e. kids writing about vampires should know about their abilities and limitations)

Inquiries and bookings should be emailed to B. at or by using the Contact B. link on the website.

B. will be creating some new workshops soon so be sure to check back periodically.

Don’t see a workshop you would like to have run? Email B. today to see what she can offer you.