The First

What’s the first book you ever bought? The first book I remember buying was a paperback copy of A Little Princess by Francis Hodgson Burnett while on a family holiday to Singapore. I remember it clearly, partly, because it’s attached to another memory I have that happened in that bookstore. I was seven and it … Continue reading The First


Blessed Beltaine

Blessed Beltaine my southern hemisphere sisters! And a Blessed Samhain for our cousins in the north. I hope your day is magical (mine certainly has been so far)! How are you celebrating? I've been spending the day with good friends and my dogs, catching some sun and working on Samhain Sorcery as well as blog posts. … Continue reading Blessed Beltaine

This is Not How I Remember It…

Wow this weekend went in completely different directions than I expected it to, but that's ok. I think that the unexpected down time was necessary. 😊  It’s no secret that retellings and remakes have become really popular in film and literature. This coupled with a sense of nostalgia means that I've been watching a lot of … Continue reading This is Not How I Remember It…

Feminists and Rebel Angels

This is going to be a slightly longer post today. I condensed it as much as I thought I could but it's longer than my usual posts. During my undergraduate course I wrote a thesis entitled “Feminist Rebels” and Opening Pandora’s Box: The Sins of Female Angels”, and following on from my previous posts about the … Continue reading Feminists and Rebel Angels

Samhain – Why I Celebrate Twice A Year

I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Samhain (or depending on your hemisphere, Beltaine)! Samhain, also known as Halloween, is my favourite holiday of the year! So much so that I celebrate it TWICE a year 😊. Even before I identified as a Pagan Halloween was a big celebration at my home. “But why do … Continue reading Samhain – Why I Celebrate Twice A Year

Anzac Day

It’s Anzac Day here in Australia. Today we give thanks to all the Australian and New Zealand citizens who have given their lives in service of their country. As a rule I’m opposed to military conflict, in my opinion most of the wars Australia has been involved with in recent history have nothing to do … Continue reading Anzac Day

Fallen Angel Lit – Why is it so popular?

I have three main things I like to write about when it comes to my novels: Witches, Fallen Angels and Mermaids. For a short time a couple of years ago I went back to university to study a Masters in Writing (I never finished the course due to health issues) and I chose to base … Continue reading Fallen Angel Lit – Why is it so popular?