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About B.

B. Forrester is an Indie Author from Western Australia. She loves writing urban fantasy and her debut novel The Kingston Chronicles in now available from Amazon. B. has a Bachelors Degree of Art from Edith Cowan University where she majored in Writing and Photomedia. She also minored in Children’s Literature. Currently B. is working on a sequel to The Kingston Chronicles, titled Samhain Sorcery, and a currently untitled book about Fallen Angels and Demons, and a couple of books aimed at younger readers. B. believes in all manner of magical and mythical beings that most people think of as fantasy. She believes magic exists and books are one of the doorways to finding it.

B. is also a photographer. All of the images you see on http://www.bforresterauthor.com are her own unless specified otherwise. When B. isn’t writing she is usually walking her cover puppy through the forests or beaches near her home, crocheting gifts for her loved ones or taking photos, usually in nature. 




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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.

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